48 hours. Challenges identified by the German federal government and society. You and possibly 80 million other people. The Covid-19 crisis. A wide variety of solutions.

Contribute your skills as we develop solutions from society for society.


20 to 22 March 2020


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“During these hours, these participants have made the Internet what it once was: a meeting place of the best and most open kind”

Prof. Dr. Helge Braun
Head of the Federal Chancellery and Federal Minister for Special Tasks

The #WirVsVirus Hackathon


Together with the federal government, we are creating a digital participation process in the Corona crisis. Everywhere in Germany, individuals are working on solutions. The #WirVsVirus Online Hackathon is a digital space where we can all develop, test and improve solutions for emerging challenges.

Citizens as well as the ministries had the opportunity to submit their challenges until the Thursday before the hackathon. They asked themselves: What are the most pressing challenges we’re currently facing? What are the problems you would like to see solved? The challenges represent the ideas of individuals from all walks of life in Germany.

Everyone with time, interest and an internet connection was welcome to submit an idea – and we were absolutely floored by the scale of the response. 






Company Support during the hackathon and afterwards

You’re representing a company or an organization that would like to support the hackathon, or help support the solutions developed during it? Get in touch! Should you want to make your expertise available to participants during the hackathon, also feel free to register as a mentor. Disclaimer: We’re no longer adding organizations as initiators. Please only use the contact form for submissions of interest. That way we can ensure that your great offers reach the right people.

The process


20:00 – Deadline for challenge submission


14:00 – Last chance for participant registrations

16:00 – Slack access details are sent

18:00 – Team sign-Up (platform TBD)

18:30 – Opening call for participants

19:00 – Briefing email sent to mentors and sponsors

19:30 – Start hacking!

19:50 – 20:20 – Teams register on Devpost


9:00 – Kick-off call

10:00 – Update call #1 via YouTube

17:00 – Update call #2 via YouTube


10:00 – Update call #3 via YouTube

18:00 Uhr – Video submission deadline

18:30 – Closing ceremony via via YouTube

24:00 – Submission deadline for DevPost


And after Sunday?

The hackathon represents a starting point for what we hope will be an ongoing participatory process through which we want to develop collaborative solutions for the challenges posed by COVID-19. You and your team want to keep working on your idea after the end of the hackathon? You’ve got a prototype and now want to spend the coming weeks and months transforming it into a finished product? Or, you represent an existing, established initiative and need support for your next steps? We’ll be working with the federal government to establish a digital support program to ensure your solutions can have the greatest possible impact during the current crisis.


How can we as a society work together to master the challenges that arise in the wake of the Corona (Covid-19) crisis with new solutions? We all asked ourselves this question – seven social initiatives – on Sunday. We are supported by the Federal Chancellery and the Digital Council.

Since Monday, 14 representatives of these 7 organizations have been working together remotely, combining their strength and creativity, to implement the #WirVsVirus Hackathon for the German government:


The #WirVsVirus Hackathon is the federal government’s hackathon under the patronage of the head of the Federal Chancellery, Prof. Dr Helge Braun.